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LAWEP International Corporation was founded to address the speed, quality and cost related elements of policy and legislative reforms driven by multitude of stakeholders. Rapid, comprehensive and consistent policy and legislative solutions are urgently needed in all UN States in order to drive measurable improvements to the greatest human sufferings in many social and gender indicators, contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs are a prime example of missed opportunity; which can be effectively addressed by targeted policy and legislative solutions with a Generative AI driven solution available to all stakeholders: governments, legislators, UN agencies, IFIs, INGOs, Foundations, Corporates, Law firms, lobbyists, and civil society. With the advent of Extractive and Generative AI and the solutions developed by LAWEP International Corporation, the possibilities of extraction of all sources of information globally and Generating model legislation is now a reality TODAY


Our vision is to improve the lives of hundreds of millions by making available legislative and background information to all policy makers, influencers and stakeholders allowing them to shape and enact consistent legislation fast and comprehensively.