There is no single source for global legislative research for policy leaders.

Social reform and gender related research are weaker than other policy areas. SDGs are failing due to lack of targeted global legislative solutions. Implementation of social reform and gender related issues will be more sustainable and efficient through legislation versus government projects approach which is the current practice.

Frequent government changes make sustainability of projects difficult globally. Lack of knowledge of country specific laws makes global legal compliance difficult. Existing legislative research for policy is cumbersome and non-standardized. Current legislative process makes speed to market inefficient and costly.


The Product Solution has two parts

Part 1 The first is the vast amount of legislative data from all international sources due to extractive Generative AI, which is readily available in its original format for policy makers to use.

Part 2 The most important part of the product offering is the model legislation solutions being created by Generative AI. This is in custom made format as per the needs of the customer and partners. The data is translated into analytical reports which offer customers legislative model solutions which improve policy making in social and gender fields.


The game changing approach is to use Extractive and Generative AI to extract all international legal sources and make the average parliamentary legislative process efficient. An average parliamentary legislative process is currently costly, timely and inefficient. Following are the average 9 step process in any legislative milieu.

1- Current Approach


Identifying the need for legislation.


Meeting with constituents, stakeholders, special interest groups, policy makers to understand their specific needs.


Researching legislative solutions from existing legislative sources.


Creating a specific legislative solution in the form of a bill.


Tabling the bill in parliament at the right political time.


Political negotiations on bill.


Depending on legislative milieu, readings of bill, going through the committee system, and then bringing it back to the upper and lower houses of parliament for final approval.


Final enactment of Bill into Act thus Law.


Implementation of law.

2- LAWEP's Approach

Generative AI’s extraction and analysis of model legislation will make the future parliamentary legislative process efficient as follows:

Establish need for Legislation

Research and Draft the Legislation

Analyze and politically negotiate the legislation amongst stakeholders

Enact and implement the Legislation

The game changing Approach turns around an inefficient legislative process into an efficient one by gathering vast amounts of legislative data/solutions which were hitherto not possible (without Generative AI). Moreover, it creates model legislation out of data which earlier could never be analyzed at such speech or accuracy.