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marvi memon

founder, chairperson & ceo

THE LEGISLATIVE COMMUNITYThe concept of the “Legislative Alliance for Women Empowerment Protection” originates from the end of my parliamentary days in Pakistan in 2018, where I had authored two significant legislations: namely one on Acid Crime Control and the second on creating a Research Institute for parliamentarians (Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services). It had taken a decade and two parliamentary terms to achieve these two. Countless other proposed bills of mine never made it as Acts of parliament. At that point I started pondering on what was going wrong in the parliamentary process. I came up with one singular problem. Research on legislation was taking too long. The community of legislators all over the world were not communicating enough and sharing enough on their joint research for policies to turn into laws. There was re-invention of the wheel happening in each country. There was not enough collaboration. There was no process transfer. In my effort to collaborate I started connecting with international parliamentarians to pool their existing legislation so all of us could benefit from not starting the process from scratch and simply localizing the international experience. It was a slow manual networking process. The community I defined in those days were: existing parliamentarians, former parliamentarians, parliamentary research staff, academics, development experts, UN, IFIs, and CSR policy experts. Today the list is longer. It includes all policy makers who wish to see policies as laws.Gen AIFast forward 2023, and Generative Artificial Intelligence hit the world in a big way. We realized the problem could be tackled more efficiently using a tool called Gen AI. The research on legislation was spread so wide, it was physically impossible to connect and collaborate ALL possible legislations within all legislative milieus of the world without a tool such as Gen AI. Summer 2023, we created LAWEP International Corporation and started the technical work on gathering the best model legislations from all over the world using Gen AI. This revolutionary product is bringing policy makers model legislations within seconds on their fingertips. Human element The second part of the process requires human collaboration. Through this website, I invite all stakeholders who have legislated, to join the Legislative Gen AI community. You will be our honored founding members of the larger Gen AI community. The special ones who have gone through the trials and tribulations of legislating. Those who know what it takes for an idea to turn into law. Simply fill the following form so that we can ensure that your legislation is well recognized in our model legislation formats. And most importantly so that we can interact via e-meets, in person, conferences to improve the creation of model legislation with your human input. Whilst we have full faith in the Gen AI tool, the human element will remain supreme. Let us collaborate and share our experiences so that we make Gen AI serve us even better.

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Marvi Memon